Floradyle is an amazing product !!! Not just because you're going to use your smartphone to whiten your teeth. But mainly because it is a natural product without peroxide. And yet of extreme effectiveness to have teeth whiter.

Contrary to what exists on the market, it leaves no sensitivity or pain. It is not we who say it, but the dentists who have done the various studies.

The gel and the toothpaste are very innovative products that doesn’t exist
nowhere in the world.

You will see that the Floradyle can not be compared to any other products on the market. In terms of efciency, safety, quality of materials, technology, legal aspect and medical studies both in Asia and Europe.

1. Floradyle LED
  • Revolutionary Teeth Whitening
  • Liquid Enamel
  • No Peroxide
  • Real Medical Studies
  • Natural Based